First In Focus offers new, state of the art technology throughout the facility to bring our clients a premier focus group experience. We will continue to evolve our technology offerings as additional client requirements are identified.

Audio and Video Recording Services - Focus Groups and One-on-one interviews are recorded to audio and video tapes to fully capture the session for future viewing, analysis of the group findings, and long term retention, if desired.

DVD Recording. - With the DVD format becoming more standard as a storage and recording medium, we are equipped to provide DVD recording in standard format.

Video Conferencing - We have partnered with FocusVision, the premier provider of videoconferencing technology which transmits live qualitative studies from our facility to client videoconferencing rooms anywhere across the globe. Transmission is at 384 kilobits, near broadcast quality and viewed on large TV monitors. The technology is two way interactive so client and facility can see and hear each other for project briefings before, during, and after the session. FocusVision provides on-site technicians operating a dual moving camera system for full group shots, respondent close ups, and viewing of research materials. This technology expands the reach of your research through out your firm, while minimizing travel expenses.

Video Streaming - We have partnered with FocusVision and are in discussions with other partners to provide our clients with a choice of video streaming capabilities. Video Streaming brings the focus session from our facility to any PC linked to the Internet. FocusVision offers two levels of service. The Premium service provides a moving camera and an on-site camera operator to capture all key aspects of the session. Basic service provides clients with a lower priced alternative with a pre-set stationary camera. Both levels of service offer VideoMarker (recording, editing, and storage software), dual password security, archiving for post-project online viewing, a CD-Rom recording, and a chat function so all remote viewers can communicate during the session.
High Speed Internet Access - Fast access business speeds of 786K downstream and 512K upstream are available at most strategic locations within the facility.

Wireless Connectivity - Our facility is equipped with wireless routers to provide hot spot connections to all clients that have wireless connectivity throughout our facility.
Back Office Technology Resources - In addition to the resources available in each focus suite, a back office is accessible to our clients including copier and high speed printer.
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