Recruiting - Quality recruiting is the backbone to a successful qualitative research study. First In Focus is committed to delivering top notch, targeted, and trustworthy recruiting.

All recruiting jobs will be guided by the following:
  • We will be or become knowledgeable on the incidence rate of the target population sought.
  • If we feel we cannot deliver qualified respondents exactly as specified for a study in the timeframe needed, we will work with the client to evaluate the problem areas or not accept the job.
  • Sufficient time and resources will be budgeted for the planning and recruiting process.
  • Re-screening will be undertaken, when projects dictate, to confirm qualifying requirements of each recruit.
  • We will work with our clients to over recruit appropriately.
  • Confirmation calls and letters/post cards/or emails will be standard procedure and will contain all the necessary information for the participant.
  • We take pride in delivering high show rates, resulting from rigorous quality control procedures.
  • Respondent screeners and summary profiles will be provided.
  • We will learn from each new job and build on our strengths and weaknesses.
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First In Focus can recruit from a variety of sources including our proprietary database of potential respondents, client provided or purchased lists, random solicitation and central location recruiting. Each approach has advantages and disadvantages and involves different recruiting approaches and strategies to be successful.

Our firm can recruit from the following respondent categories:
  • General Consumers
  • Business Owners and Executives
  • Teachers
  • Teens and Children
  • Senior Citizens or Students
  • Hispanics more >>
  • Caucasian, Asian, and African Americans
  • Others, as identified.