Hispanic Services


Hispanic Services - Close to one out of ten residents of the Raleigh Durham metro area are of Hispanic or Latino background; this segment of our population is growing at an exponential rate. Before opening our doors for qualitative research, First In Focus began building its database to include bilingual local residents. We wanted to insure that the views of this group were routinely represented in our research studies. In response to client needs, we expanded our services to include focus group studies conducted exclusively in Spanish, with Spanish speaking participants, bilingual moderators, Spanish to English interpreters, and other related services.

Hispanic Recruiting: Our Hispanic recruiters are fluent in Spanish and have strong networks in the Hispanic community.

Bilingual Moderators: Our network of moderators are bilingual and can conduct focus groups in Spanish, while delivering the research outcomes to our clients in either English or Spanish.

Spanish Interpreters: Your focus group session can be interpreted from Spanish to English while the focus group is underway. With advance notice your audio can have English in the forefront and Spanish in the background or vice versa.

Spanish to English Transcription: We can facilitate the transcription of your research study from Spanish to English through cost effective transcription services.
Have fun, earn extra cash, and influence the development of products, services, political agendas and other important topics. Register to be called for a focus group and earn money for sharing your opinions when you participate.

Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill, NC MSA

 Demographic Group  Estimate  % Distribution
Hispanic Origin:
Mexican 60,274 68.7%
Puerto Rican 7,445 8.5%
Cuban 1,715 2.0%
Other Hispanic or Latino 18,336 20.9%
Hispanic or Latino (of any race) 87,770 100%
Not Hispanic or Latino 1,128,920
Total Household Population 1,216,690
% Hispanic 7.8%
Source: 2002 American Community Survey Estimates, US Bureau of the Census. Data reflects household population and excludes the population living institutions, college dorms, and other group quarters.