General Services

Recruiting: Quality recruiting is the backbone to a successful qualitative research study. First In Focus is committed to delivering top notch, targeted, and trustworthy recruiting. We deliever quality recruits with high show rates. We can recruit from our proprietary database, company provided lists, and other sources. We can recruit both English and Spanish speaking participants. more >>
Focus group sessions: We specialize in facilitating the total focus group experience, from recruiting, moderation co-ordination, facility provision, audio and video recording, video conferencing and video streaming. We take care of our clients when they visit our facility and strive to create lasting relationships.
One-on-one / In-depth interviews: We can facilitate and record your one-on-one interviews and provide trained interviewers to accomplish our client's goals.
Simulated or mock juries: We can bring together the appropriate demographics of recruited participants to simulate your jury composition and facilitate a mock trial.
Have fun, earn extra cash, and influence the development of products, services, political agendas and other important topics. Register to be called for a focus group and earn money for sharing your opinions when you participate.

Taste tests: Our fully equipped kitchen can be used to conduct taste tests of a wide range of new products.
Usability studies: We are developing our capabilities to provide state of the art usability testing of hardware and software products and websites. Our technology will provide the best viewing and recording of all movements important in computer use and evaluation.