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First In Focus is currently recruiting for additional participants for a number of projects referenced below. Please review the listing of Research Studies (Column 1) for which: 1) you may have interest, and 2) you qualify based on the abbreviated criterion specified in Column 2.

To indicate your interest in being considered for one or more of these studies, please follow
these steps (or call our office):

  1. For each study of interest, review the Criterion for Selection (Column 2) to make sure you qualify.
  2. If you qualify, click on the Research Study name (Column 1) and provide your full name and the Information Requested (Column 3) in your email response.
  3. Do this for each Research Study for which you have interest, if more than one.
  4. If you have not joined our database, please complete our participant form, so we will have access to your demographic information for these and any upcoming studies. Click Here to Join
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Current Studies

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Thank You. We hope you are a match for one of our research studies!