Management Profiles


Management Profiles - Karan Bunn and Betty Crawford, company founders, joined forces in late 2004 to plan for the opening of First In Focus Research in the spring of 2005. They brought together fifty years of combined experience in both the quantitative and qualitative research environments. Long time residents of the Triangle Region, their ties have proven beneficial in developing a strong potential participant network and database. With one partner owning the facility in which First In Focus is housed, the company is poised to expand the space as clients and business dictate.

Karan Bunn

Prior to co-founding First In Focus, Karan was an active partner with her husband in their technology firm, Enterprise Network Services, Inc. (ENS). She directed the financial operations of the firm and served as a business consultant. The bulk of her career, however, was spent in state and local government and the university sector. While with the NC Budget Office, she was responsible for economic, revenue and expenditure forecasts, demographic estimates and projections, statewide surveys, and large scale information processing and dissemination, including all Census products. She established and directed the State Data Center Program in North Carolina, one of the first four states in the nation to participate in this federal state co-operative with the Bureau of the Census. Her technical experience in economics, demographics, statistical consulting, business management, research and survey design, particularly questionnaire development, will prove useful in bringing a rigor to the qualitative research environment. She has remained close to state government by serving on the Board of the State Employees Credit Union for over a decade. Karan holds degrees from North Carolina State University, including a BS in Applied Math, a Masters in Management and two additional years of graduate training in Statistics.

Betty Crawford

After more than twenty-five years in the qualitative research field and seven years as an owner and senior project manager for First in Focus, Betty has decided to retire. During her tenure, she directed large and small scale projects including standard focus group studies, ethnographies, taste tests, and central location studies. She was active in every aspect of the focus group facility operation, from hostess, to recruiter, interviewer, and project manager. Her broad experience with all types of clients and diverse industry groups will be missed. Everyone at First in Focus wishes her the best as she embarks on this exciting new chapter in her life.